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Oh hi there! I'm Katie, creative director behind Little Leaf Florals, Mum to Zoe and Noah, wife to Rob and living blissfully in chaotic love with my wee family north of Auckland.

I am a perfectionist, keen world wanderer and a self confessed coffee addict. My souls desire is to create. Let me give you a little insight to the beginning of it all.

I was always a dreamer. From the youngest age a wild soul. Testing boundaries - endlessly. I grew up in a small village just outside Worcestershire in England.

Surrounded by country lanes and fields upon fields of long golden grass. I lived to explore and explore it all. Thinking back, I suppose it was during this time that my love for nature, my love for floristry was born. I emigrated to New Zealand in 2004 with my family. We moved smack bang into the middle of nowhere out in Matarau, Whangarei. The rest of my childhood and teenage years were spent creating, exploring the farm and discovering this new country we grew to love as home. I left school and joined the Royal New Zealand Airforce - please don't ask me why as it is the most awkward career choice that I could have made for my personality! But anyway, I did it and it wasn't all a waste of time as it reinforced my organisational skills and I met my clown of a husband, Rob. The beginning of my career as a Stylist and Florist began whilst planning our own wedding. I loved it that much that I quit my job and began my training in event management and design. Along the way I have worked with, who I deem to be, some of the industries best- and viola! Here we are!

Little Leaf Florals | Whangarei, Auckland Florist, Floral Design, Event Styling, Flowers, Weddings, Editorial | Based in New Zealand


The appreciation that we have for nature here at Little Leaf Florals inspired our floristry style. Naturally drawn to soft earthy tones we create beautiful, romantic designs. That being said, we are daring and certainly not afraid of incorporating a punch of colour. We believe that if used correctly, colour injects personality.

In an event as personal as a wedding, we know that we can create a full representation of you as a couple through our florals and styling. In our opinion, florals are the most important stylistic element of any event – they make the event come to life. They can be soft and romantic, clean and modern, wild and organic, daring and bold – whatever the vibe is that you are going for.

Floral styling is such a personal thing, so, we like to work directly with our clients to understand your vision completely before we quote. This means that we quote based on exactly what you are needing, taking quantity and flower variety into consideration every time. Just flick us an email or a call and we will happily discuss our design brief process!